The Use of Religion

Christianity says, Love thy neighbour

Captalism says, Beggar your neighbour

But politicians still worship God,

because God forgives them, you see.


An Oppressed People's History of Imperialism

(with thanks to Adrian Mitchell)

You took our land,

you made us slaves -

bullets and bibles and all.

We felt your whips,

we bore your chains,

at the master-racists' ball.


We passed round the nuts

and served the drinks,

cocktails, liqueurs and all.

We washed the dishes

and cleaned the sinks,

at the colonial settlers' ball.


We praise your god,

we speak your tongue -

churches and schools and all.

We joined your army,

police, guides and scouts,

at the empire-builders' ball.


We spread your views,

we elect your stooges -

broadcasts and ballots and all.

Here is your news

and here are your voters

at the third world developers' ball.


We bow to the World Bank

and the IMF -

pounds and dollars and all.

We send you food

while our children starve -


a curse upon you all,

a curse upon you all.


Epitaph for the Tomb of the Unknowing Soldier

He thought: for king and country, empire, glory,

honour, medals, fame, applause.

He went: but never knew the cause.

He fought and died, in rich men's wars.


From: More Agitation

Political Satires and other Poems

by Bob Dixon

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