The Dark Underbelly of The World' Most 'Peaceful' Countries

'Some nations that rank well in the Global Peace Index are notorious for violence against women and children.'

Women in Iraq - from Blog Treasure of Baghdad


Women's Activism

Like most areas of community activism, women are the backbone of the peace movement in the west today.

Despite the disadvantages for political activism of women having  given the major responsibility for children and families,  some women have found ways to campaign, even under the most hostile circumstances - often abused and derided in doing so.

Historically women have been deprived of education and been deliberately excluded from the professions, public debate, politics, administration and decision making - supposedly intellectually inferior to men and good only for domestic tasks, careing, catering and entertaining me, to whom they were expected to be subservient and dependent. As many if not most still are.

Had women been able to take a full part in world affairs, we would certainly not have the macho world we have today.

The male elites of politics, government, military and church have a lot to answer for.

Church and state are a marriage made in heaven,

Women  freethinkers who campaigned for women's equality, the abolition of slavery, protection of minorites, secularism and anti-clericalism are featured in:- Women Without Superstition "No Gods No Masters"

Leaflet - Women, Religion and Peace

"The roots of sexism, racism, anti-Semitism, homophobia, fascism, and violence are from the same seeds and thrive together in the same soil - superstitious prejudices."