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The purpose of this site is to explain and represent the crucial importance of secularism and women's rights to the campaign for peace and freedom

....For individuals, for  families, for communities, for nations and for the world.

Poverty... population control.... attitudes to, reproductive rights... education.... contraception & abortion... condom use... women and the micro economy....sectarianism.....political ideologies... conflict over resources.... competition for religious & political influence....anti-science attitudes.....obedience and worship of leaders.....

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Bob Dixon

Bob Dixon also researched and wrote three books on the influence of toys, games & books  on instilling in children the stereotypes and attitudes  of class, gender, race and militarism More

'Felix' by Barbara Smoker

Sue Mayer

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(Written in 1996 - eighty years after the Somme)

'When the boys come home from the front,' she said,

'I'll pick the one I wish to wed'

Forgetting, in her hazy head,

The eighty years her beaux lay dead.


For fifty years she'd lived alone,

With only cats to call her own,

And now she lived in a nursing-home,

Bereft of everything she'd known.


Her visitors look far too old

To be the people she is told.

Her face is blank, her heart is cold,

For lack of a hero's hand to hold.


At last, although no soldier-boy,

A cuddly new love brings her joy:

Her idle arm finds fresh employ,

To stroke her furry 'Felix' toy.


                        Barbara Smoker